Where are you based?
Our offices are based in the Warmley area of Bristol, however we do not operate or store equipment from these premises that customers can call in to. Instead we store our equipment in a large industrial unit and when a customer rings for one of our products our drivers will load up a delivery vehicle and deliver the item required. This is why we offer free delivery in Bristol & Bath.
I am not a trade or commercial customer, can I still hire from you?
Absolutely, we fully welcome the public and will go out of our way to help and provide a great service.
Will you match or beat any other quotes I have?
We will certainly try, give us a call and let us know the price you have received from another supplier and as long as we can find this price or you can prove it to us we will try to beat it! However, the service we provide is often above and beyond, and we take a much greater pride in supplying you with the best equipment, which is safest for your particular job, and we also delivery and collect on time every time. You may find that this isn’t the case with other companies.
Do I need to be trained or qualified to use your equipment?
If you are an employee it is your employer’s responsibility to see that you are suitably trained to use the equipment hired. Often sufficient experience is enough however you should always check with the Health & Safety Executive – Tel. 0300 003 1747. Members of the public are not obligated to meet any HSE regulations, however we strongly recommend that some level of training and/or experience is had before hiring equipment.
Do I have to pay a deposit?
No, a unique part of our business is that we do not ask for large deposits like other hire companies, we simply need a photographic form of I.D to be shown to our driver which is not expired and which must match the home/business address given when order was placed. Terms and conditions will also need to be signed and payment on a debit or credit card taken.
Do you erect and dismantle scaffold towers?
No, as with all equipment we hire it is the responsibility of the hirer or user, however we do provide you with a complete set of manufacturer’s instructions and our trained staff will happily give you some pointers if asked.
What if any equipment hired from SWTH Hire goes missing
Although rare, on some occasion’s equipment out on hire has been lost or stolen. As the terms and condition state it is the hirers responsibility to take care of any equipment hired, any equipment lost or broken will be charged to the hirer. If your question is not on this list please call us on 0117 2140036.


The hirer will at all times fully indemnify South West Tower Hire in respect of all claims by any person, company, or organisation for injury to persons or property caused by, or in connection with using equipment hired from South West Tower Hire. South West Tower Hire shall not be held liable for any injuries caused to the hirer, their agents, or any third parties arising out of the use of the hired equipment during the rental period or any resulting consequential loss. All equipment supplied and hired by South West Tower Hirer shall be the sole property of South West Tower Hire and not that of another person, business, organisation, or company. South West Tower Hire also prohibits the hirer to loan or hire the equipment to a third party whilst under the same hire period agreed by hirer and South West Tower Hire. The hirer is liable to pay South West Tower Hire all repair, replacement, and legal fees up to the full value within 30 days of invoice issue date following the termination of hire if the hired eqiipment is damaged, stolen, or involved in an accident regardless of fault during the period of hire. South West Tower Hire reserves the right to charge the full weekly hire rate to the hirer until such fees are paid in full to South West Tower Hire. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that he/she or hiring company or organisation has adequate insurance cover for any loss and/or accidental damage of the hire equipment. Any equipment lost, damaged, stolen, or unreturned to South West Tower Hire will be charged for the cost to replace the lost equipment. The cost of equipment charged to the hirer will be based upon the prices of RK-Access Ltd or Pop-Up Products Ltd (scaffold towers) who supply South West Tower Hire’s scaffold tower equipment. In the event of the theft of the tower or any part of it whilst on hire, a report should be made to the Police at the earliest practical opportunity and details given in person to South West Tower Hire along with a written incident report and crime reference number if applicable. In the event of minor damage e.g. cracks, dents, broken components etc the appropriate amount will be deducted from the hirers held deposit, or an invoice of the amount will be sent to the hirer requesting payment to be settled within 30 days of invoice issue date. On all equipment hired out by South West Tower Hire it is the responsibility of the hirer to hire the correct equipment. If the hirer has requested and hired equipment which is delivered to site or collected by the hirer and it is found to be unsuitable, the hirer will be charged for the period in which they have hired the equipment including any delivery charges, the hirer is entitled to a refund if the equipment is returned earlier than the paid for or agreed period. For powered access equipment such as scissor lifts and booms (also known as cherry pickers), the hirer will receive a full refund if the equipment is cancelled within 24 hours prior to the day of the hire. For any other equipment a full refund will be given if equipment is cancelled any time before the day of the hire. Payment Policies: Please Note: For payments made by debit or credit cards we do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties. Customers who hold an account with South West Tower Hire, or customers who have been verified by South West Tower Hire can choose to receive an billing invoice after equipment has been hired from South West Tower Hire. Payment will be required within a maximum of 30 days of the issue date on the invoice. For customers who are required to pay for the hire of South West Tower Hire’s equipment prior to the commencement of the hire period, payment can only be made up to 14 days before the hire period is to commence, the hirer can reserve equipment up to 30 days in advance but payment must be taken within the 14 day period to minimise the likelihood of cancelations. Deposits: South West Tower Hire reserve the right to ask for deposits to be left for any equipment hired. Deposits can vary from anything up to the full value of the equipment being hired. Failure to leave a deposit when requested may result in refusal to hire equipment to the customer. Payment: Customers paying by invoice and who hold trade account with South West Tower Hire will have 30 days from the invoice issue date to settle the outstanding balance OR an invoice will be issued at the end of each month at an agreed date. Customers given the option to pay by invoice who are not account customers will be asked for payment within 5 or 10 days of the invoice issue date. All payments received via bankers cheque will be cashed within 7 working days or receipt. Hire period is deemed to commence once equipment has been delivered/collected and signed for.

South West Tower Hire withholds the right to charge a cleaning fee of any amount between £10.00 and £150.00 including VAT for equipment that has been deemed to be covered in excessive paint, mortar, cement, and any other difficult to remove substance that was not present at the start of the hire period. The hirer will receive an invoice for this fee along with details and photo evidence for why the charge has been issued, payment is to be settled within 30 days of invoice issue date. Further to this a £75.00 including VAT penalty fee will be charged to the hirer for any scaffold towers or other equipment hired from South West Tower Hire that isn’t fully dismantled by the hirer meaning that a member of South West Tower Hire’s staff is required to dismantle the equipment. Hired equipment not returned according to the agreed hire period without notification will be deemed stolen and reported to the police. Any hire that is extended further than the original agreed period shall continue the hire under the present terms & conditions. Cancelations not reported within 24 hours of 8:00am on the morning of agreed start date of hire will incur a £15.00 including VAT penalty charge to cover equipment preparation time. Powered Access Equipment: Powered access equipment includes any of our access equipment that is powered by batteries, petrol/diesel, or any other form of power. This may be scissor lifts both self propelled and push along, or any types of boom lifts (also known as cherry pickers). All powered access equipment provided by South West Tower Hire will fully comply with the guidelines and laws for this equipment as provided by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF). In the case of powered access equipment all equipment will be meet the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998) (LOLER). Furthermore, all powered access equipment will be put through a rigorous pre-delivery inspection (PDI) either by an IPAF trained staff member or a member of staff who is suitably experienced in powered access lifts and who will inspect equipment based on manufacturers and/or IPAF inspection guidelines. South West Tower Hire strongly suggests that all users of hired powered access equipment be suitable trained to use it, and will endeavour to enforce this to its customers. However, the hirer is fully responsible for their own safety or that of their employees. By hiring any equipment from South West Tower Hire including powered access equipment the hirer takes all responsibility for the safety of them and all others connected to the hirer and the use of the hired equipment. South West Tower Hire will be fully indemnified from any injuries, damage, or death to the hirer or any third party involved. Refunds: If a customer has over estimated the equipment hire period and has already paid for the overestimated period, the hirer is entitled to a refund of the agreed daily rate back for each day under the paid for period. However, when equipment hired for longer periods of time such as one week or more whereby customers can benefit from a number of days free of cost in relation to the agreed daily rate, a refund will not be issued for those days. Please check your price breakdown at commence of hire. Safety: It is the duty of the hirer to be suitably qualified and/or experienced to use hired equipment. Damage, injury, or death due to incorrect use of equipment, or any other reason is solely the responsibility of the hirer and not that of South West Tower Hire. The hirer should always refer to the manufacturers user guide. South West Tower Hire will carry out a safety inspection on all equipment before hired out, however the hirer should inspect equipment before work commences, using manufactures inspection guidance. The hirer should only sign for, or accept equipment when they have been provided with safety and installation instructions. Confidentiality: All customer details will be kept fully confidential to all parties other than South West Tower Hire staff. South West Tower Hire staff abides by customer confidentiality requirements and the Data Protection Act 2018. Amendments to Terms and Conditions: Due to the ever evolving regulations and growth of business, terms and conditions are likely to regularly change. South West Tower Hire will inform account holders and customers of any changes and will assume these are accepted by the hirer unless stated otherwise by the customer.

Please Note: The words ‘customer’ and ‘hirer’ both refer to the person, company, business, or organisation who hire equipment from South West Tower Hire. South West Tower Hire will be referred to as either ‘South West Tower Hire’ or ‘we’. South West Tower Hire comes under the business category of sole trader and the name South West Tower Hire will also represent the business owner named Spencer Vickery. These terms and condition were last updated on the: 17/12/2018.